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Little Things to Start

Crab Rangoon
Wontons stuffed with cream cheese and imitation   crabmeat.

Spring Roll
Crunchy roll stuffed with carrots, clear noodles, and cabbage.

Crispy roll stuffed with seasoned meat.

Egg Rolls
Traditional rolls stuffed with pork and vegetables.

Thai Beef Salad
Thinly sliced beef steak seasoned with cilantro, onion, lime and mint.

Calamari Salad
Tender calamari carvings seasoned with onion, ginger, and lime.

Pot Stickers
Pan fried pork and vegetable wontons.

Jasmine Steamed Rice
Thai white rice.

Plain Fried Rice
Jasmine rice stir-fried with egg and seasonings.

Brown rice
Nok’s unique red, black and brown rice

Fried Wonton Strips
A crunchy treat.

Sesame balls
Sesame seed covered pastries with a filling

Sticky Rice Dessert 
Sweet sticky rice with a hint of coconut

Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Lemonade, Gold Peak Sweet Tea, Gold Peak Unsweet Tea or Gold Peak Raspberry Tea
Bottled Water or Bottled Soda
Ginger Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Thai Tea or Thai Coffee


All meals are served fresh one at a time as they come out of the wok, with a choice of crab rangoon, spring roll or egg roll, and a side of Jasmine steamed rice or plain fried rice, or Nok’s brown rice blend for 1.00 extra. All extras are charged extra.

Meals are made with your choice of Tofu, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp or Combination. We also offer a wide variety of seafood: Shrimp, Calamari, Mussels, Salmon, Scallops, Whole Tilapia or any combination. We suggesting trying your favorite seafood made in one of Nok’s curries, Teriyaki, Nam Sod, or Thai Stir Fry.

Most dishes can be made vegetarian, ask your server about our favorite tofu dishes.

You choose the heat level: zero, low, medium, high or Thai spicy.

Children’s Meals
Battered and fried chicken tender strips (all white meat)
Plain Teriyaki noodles (no meat or veggies)
Jasmine steamed or Plain fried rice with side

Fried Rice
Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetable, Beef, Shrimp or Combination
Made with Nok’s Brown rice blend, add 1.00


Tom Yum Goong
A famous Thai soup featuring shrimp, seasoned with lemongrass, lime, cilantro and other spices.

Thai Style Noodle Soup
A seasoned broth filled with rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, and leafy vegetables.

Tom Kaa-Gai
Chicken cooked in a spicy coconut milk soup, seasoned with lemon grass, lime leaves and cilantro.

Red Curry Soup
Chicken, tofu, or shrimp cooked with fresh herbs in a rich and spicy red curry broth.

Thai Noodles

Pad Thai
Traditional Thai dish of stir fried rice noodles with chicken or shrimp, cabbage, and sweet tamarind spice.

Pad Si-ewe
Wide rice noodles stir fried with pork, egg, leafy greens and carrots.

Pad Kee Mao (Drunk Driver)
Wide rice noodles and beef stir-fried in basil.

Thai Curries

Thai style beef in spicy Panang curry sauce with a hint of peanut.

Green Curry
Thai dish of chicken cooked to perfection in green curry and coconut milk.

Pad Cha with Red Curry
Your choice of pork, chicken or *shrimp stir fried in red curry and ginger.

Yellow Curry
One of the mildest Thai curries.

Masman Curry
A mild curry with chicken, vegetables and coconut milk.

Thai Stir-fry

Beef Basil
Beef stir fried with fresh basil, garlic and vegetables.

Thai BBQ Pork
Sliced pork cooked in Nok’s homemade Thai BBQ sauce.

Moo Pad King (Ginger pork)
Sliced pork and vegetables tossed in an aromatic ginger infused soy sauce.

Pepper Beef
Thinly sliced beef stir fried with bell peppers and onions.

Nam Sod
Ground chicken cooked with lime, fresh ginger, apple, cilantro and cashews.

Nok’s Thai Fried Rice
Wok N Roll’s signature dish is a spicier, more complex take on everyday fried rice.

Garlic Pork or Chicken
A garlic based stir-fry that soothes your savory tooth.


Broccoli Chicken
Thinly sliced chicken stir-fried with broccoli, onion and carrots.

Cashew Chicken
Stir fried chicken, cashews, onion, and bell peppers.

Sweet and Sour
Chicken tossed with a homemade sweet and sour sauce and apples.

General Chicken
Battered fried chicken pieces smothered in spicy, tangy sauce.

Chicken or pork stir-fried with teriyaki sauce and vegetable


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