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The Restaurant

Nestled in the Ozarks, Wok N Roll is a culinary oasis. Offering only the best ingredients in made-from-scratch dishes, Chef Nok builds every dish with spice and love. We serve dishes that inspire images of the orient in your mind, as if you were there. Our menu ranges from simple Chinese comfort dishes, to more complex and intense Thai dishes.  Please join us at Wok N Roll, so we may get to know you—and you may get to know your new favorite restaurant.

The Woman

Born in rural Thailand, raised in the busy streets of Bangkok, and living in America for the last 25 years, Nok Knernschield has a keen eye for culture in the kitchen. She learned traditional Thai cooking while growing up in her family’s restaurant. She developed a formal education in Korean and other international cuisines by working in Bangkok’s top tier dining establishments. Living with her picky American family has honed her sense for people’s personal nuances with food.

Nok in the new addition!Nok Noi (which is Thai for “Little Bird”) comes from a long line of Thai chefs. Just like her grandmother, mother, sisters and brothers, has an inherent talent for pairing and blossoming flavors from every culture. This talent, combined with her experience, has made Nok’s Wok N Roll a thriving success

What’s New for Us?

For three years, we enjoyed turning great customers into close friends in our small three table space. In the spring of 2011, we expanded to over 50 seats, more than quadrupling our seating space. Thanks to the fine tastes of our neighbors and friends, we were able to grow our little business in a short time.

Now with five years under our belt, we’re excited to continue meeting new customers and serving with love.


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